Land & Habitats Consultancy

Professional Advice for Resilient Landscapes 



Land & Habitats Consultancy provides a service able to harness local knowledge, professional experience, and science. 

Given time and space, the natural world possesses an amazing capacity to regenerate. 

Land, water and natural habitats are inter-connected entities.  The management of these valuable resources, is key to all ecological processes. 

Through appropriate management, stewardship and restoration, it is possible to create a resilient landscape and infrastructure better placed to face the challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change impacts.












Land & Habitats is a new consultancy, established in 2021 by Andrew McBride, to provide a range of services for the management of land and habitats, creating landscapes for the future.

Andrew is a Chartered Environmentalist and full member of the CIEEM, with over 25 years’ experience of providing ecological advice and project management. His specialist knowledge of wetlands and peat-lands, combines with an extensive network of experienced and collaborative associates.

Land & Habitats Services

Project Design & Management

Project management and on the ground action for short, medium or longer-term land management aims.

Assessment & Quality Control

On-going assessments and iterative changes to help managers optimise outcomes and get the best results. 

Management & Restoration 

Provision of restoration and habitat management advice to help you find optimal solutions.


With a wide range of practical habitat management experience, we can assist with your training needs.

Strategic Planning


Our approach is holistic.  When considering broad scale needs, in an ever-changing world, we look to maintain flexibility for future opportunities.

Connecting Businesses & Land Managers

Bringing together those with complementary aims.  Providing opportunities for projects that work for both nature and people.

Assessments & Evaluation for Grant Schemes

With experience of multi-million pound/euro schemes, we offer an assessment and evaluation service.

Supervision of Grant Schemes


Management services for a range of grant schemes, whether large or small or of a bespoke nature.

 Andrew McBride's 
Track Record 

Chartered Environmentalist 
Full Member of CIEEM

BSc Hons (Ecology), Agriculture, Forestry & Rural Economy - Edinburgh University 

Over twenty-five years experience of providing ecological advice, both in private consultancy and working for Scottish Natural Heritage.

An extensive project portfolio of 450+ projects across Scotland and the UK, providing ecological and management advice for diverse habitats.  Covering habitat and species management, scientific research and habitat restoration.

In 2012, Andrew established the award winning Peatland ACTION project and built a team of Project Officers across Scotland. The programme has restored over 30,000ha of degraded peatlands. 

In addition, Andrew has provided advice for windfarms, roads infrastructure, (including the Queensferry Crossing) and agri-environment schemes.

The success of Peatland ACTION and other projects, demonstrates Andrew's ability to engage with staff, land managers, contractors, consultants, agencies, NGO’s, Government and community groups to form strong and productive working relationships. 



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